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Spring Pep Rally
Friday Apr 28

MCAS - High School
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- Fri May 5
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Junior/Senior Prom
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2017 SHS Graduation
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Blue Day - Monday April 24, 2017

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Web I

  • Complete: html_lesson_13 - horizontal menu

  • Complete: html_lesson_14 - seamless tiles, adding a form

  • Complete: html_lesson_15 - special characters, comments

  • Complete: html_lesson_16 - CSS Style Sheets

  • Begin/Continue: Project 1
    - the design of the first page will take the longest
    - after that adding pages is pretty easy so spend your time getting the main page to look the way you would like
    - keep your logo and menu setup the same on all your pages

Adv CS_Programming

- a fixed value that cannot be altered during the programs execution

for example, in Greedy I used constants to set the values for my coins at the beginning of the program - if you are defining a constant it goes BEFORE the int main(void) statement - they are also written with all UPPERCASE letters

// money value constants
#define QUARTER 25
#define DIME 10
#define NICKEL 5

++ vs --
- Unary Operator: takes only one value for its operation. The plus operator (++) increments a given value by one. For instance, to increment the variable x by 1, you could express this as: x++
The opposite is the minus operator (--) which decreases a given value by one. To decrement the variable x by 1, you could use: x--

Assignment Operators - remember that we have links to reference sheets for these in the resources and assigments pages...

coin_count += A
       is the same as typing out
            coin_count = coin_count + A

  • Complete: Buggy Practice

  • Complete: float_demo practice

  • Continue/Complete: Greedy
    - this one will need both style50 and check50 run successfully
    - complete it once using print statement to be sure coins are right
    - then make a copy and modify so it only prints coins and passes check50

  • Complete: Evens

  • Begin: ISBN

  • Reference Sheet: Loops

  • Reference Sheet: Compilers

AP computer Science Principles

  • Finish up and submit Create Tasks - College Board WILL NOT accept late entries!

  • Review: Exam Practice - q34-45
    - we will take care of this after the create tasks are uploaded

  • Runestone: set 1: review questions

  • MakerSpace & Tech Fair planning

  • AP CSP Create Task Details

  • AP CSP Create Task Rubric