Upcoming Events

Term 3 Starts
- Mon Jan 30

Late Start 1/2 Day
- Wed Feb 8

Tuesday Jan 17, 2017

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Digital Literacy I

Semester Final (10% of grade)

Final Career Presentation - these will begin Tue Jan 17

Term 2 Assignments

Resumé & Cover Letter - we will do these in class on Mon/Tue Jan 23/24
- Example: Resumé
- Example: Cover Letter

AP computer Science Principles

C is quirky, flawed, and an enormous success.
- quote by Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language

Shirt Idea Version 1:
- ? can have initials or name on sleeve but needs to be horizontal (print or embroidered)
- or replace the hex SANDWICH with your name
- ? can also have logo/text on front: SHS AP CSP '17

53 41 4E 44 57 49 43 48

import random
bb = ['br', 'ar', 'cf', 'jb', 'sd', 'sb', 'ym', 'sl']

ss = (random.choice(bb))
print("\n %s is quirky, flawed, "
   "and an enormous success." % ss.upper())


def state(x):
   print("\n %s is quirky, flawed, "
   "and an enormous success." % x.upper())
bb = ['br', 'ar', 'cf', 'jb', 'sd', 'sb', 'ym', 'sl']
for s in bb:

  • Continue/Complete: MIT App Inventor Tutorials
    - complete 8_ball_app (make your version a little more fun)
    - then choose another tutorial to complete


Explore Performance Task

"An innovation that depends on computing (or computing tools) to define its functionality - that also has a meaningful impact on society, economy, or culture"

We will discuss the changes in the grading rubric and take a look at some of the new examples. Start thinking about what you would like to choose for a topic - looking around at tech sites (The Verge, Popular Science, Live Science, Computer Security blogs,Tom's Guide, PCAdvisor Tech Gifts 2016) might help with gathering ideas.

Notes: 8+ classroom hours are set aside, and you may also work outside of class on the tasks. We will start using classtime on Dec 5-8 & Dec 12-16 (some of these are 1/2 days, and on the 9th we go to Harvard)

College Board Resources:
- AP CSP Student Page
- AP CSP Course & Exam Details (Full Booklet)
- AP CSP Explore Task Details for Students (pages 103-110)
- Scoring Rubric for Explore
- Student Q & A for Explore

Innovation Litmus Test:
Can you answer 2D? If so, it is probably a good choice - if not, then consider revising the scope of your selection:

2d. Using specific details, describe:

  1. The data your innovation uses
  2. How the innovation consumes (as input), produces (as output), and/or transforms data;
  3. And at least one data storage concern, data privacy concern, or data security concern directly related to the computing innovation