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Late Start 1/2 Day
- Wed Mar 15

Winter Break
- Feb 20 - 24

AP CSP Create Task
- submit to collegeboard by Fri March 31

- Fri May 5
(afternoon session)

Junior/Senior Prom
- Sat May 27

2017 SHS Graduation
- Sat June 3

Friday February 17, 2017 - White Day

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Web I

Adv CS_Programming

  • (Due by start of class on Friday Feb 17)
    : "What computing innovation has had the most impact on your life?
    - discuss in small groups
    - homework: ask the same questions of someone much older than you (parent, grandparent, etc)
    - blog post: compare and contrast the two innovations
    para 1: summarize your innovation - pro/con/why you chose it
    para 2: summarize innovation of your person - pro/con/why they chose it
    para 3: compare the two innovations

  • Complete: MIT App Inventor Tutorials
    -Talk to Me
    - Ball Bounce
    - Digital Doodle
    - Hello Purr
    - 8 Ball
    - Mole Mash
    - Paint Pot I & II

AP computer Science Principles

  • Blog Post: Answer the following questions:
    1. What are three things you are going to submit for this task?
    2. When responding to your process - what 3 things must be included?
    3. When describing your algorithm - what information do you need to include?
    4. When describing your abstraction - what information do you need to include?
    5. How long should the video be and what is the size limit?
    6. What is the acceptible format for the written responses and full source code?
    6. Where and when should you include comments and citations?

  • AP CSP Create Task Details

  • AP CSP Create Task Rubric

  • Complete: Algorithm 2
    - find(or create) an algorithm that calls at least ONE other algorithm. Eventually you will need to demonstrate TWO but we can start with one. Both algorithms should include either logic or math concepts.
    - screenshot the main algorithm and add a circle
    - also include a image of the code for the called algorithm (this does not need a circle added)
    - describe (1) how each algorithm functions alone
    - (2) how the combined algorithms form a purpose that is important in your program

Sample below:

The algorithm check_alien() loops through a list of alien colors. Colors that meet the condition are sent off to another algorithm that computes the score. The add_score() algorithm takes input variables that contain the current score and the points to be added. The resulting calculation is returned to the calling algorithm. When put together the two algorithms complete the task of reading the provided list of colors and calculating the total points awarded, which is the purpose of the program. Eventually this type of program would be useful for taking in a variety of color lists that might result from a several users game results, and providing totals for comparison.