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2017 SHS Graduation
- Sat June 3

White Day - Thursday May 25, 2017

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Web I

  • Continue: Project 1
    add a link to your project on your lessons index page
    ** be sure to view your pages online and check that everything is working correctly!

    Once your pages are complete take another look and see how they might be improved:
    Padding (whitespace), use of Headings, Borders, and font styles can be used to create an attractive visual design.

Here are some advanced tools you can use:

html_lesson_17 - adding a revolving photo gallery
html_lesson_18 - image borders, using Google fonts

Adv CS_Programming

Chapter 2

I am out today - so use class time to complete the following & have a great weekend!

  • View: CS50 Compilers
    - you can view this individually with headphones

  • Complete Blog Post: Me, Myself, and UI

  • Complete: Cube_Demo Practice

  • Complete: Make a copy of greedy and save it in chapter2
    - now challenge yourself to create a function that takes care of checking for the positive integer as input
    - use good coding style and add a protype at the top, and put the function after the main body of your program

    If you did not already complete this you can look on with someone who has - I don't mind sharing of this code as it is considered an example lesson to learn from

  • Reference Sheet: Functions

  • Reference Sheet: Arrays and Strings

AP computer Science Principles

  • Info: mahacks.com - a hackathon for high school students - Sat June 10/Sun June 11 - in Sommerville, MA

  • Begin: Use the tutorials on Code Academy to learn HTML and CSS
    - next week in class we will begin setting up websites, and getting the first practice pages out of the way

  • Jake B - you can use the time to work on other things as you are already an html/css guru