Upcoming Events

Sun Nov 6
- daylight savings time adjustment

Tue Nov 8
- no school
- Election Day

Fri Nov 11
- no school
- Veterans' Day

Wed Nov 23
- 1/2 day regular time

Friday October 21, 2016 - Blue Day

In other number systems.. the day and year would be:

21, 2016 (decimal)

0001 0101, 1111 1100 000 (binary)

15, 7E0 (hex)

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Digital Literacy I

  • Continue: Mini-Research Paper
    - you should have a topic already picked out
    - locate your sources, and begin a rough draft in your Google Drive folder
    - be sure to keep track of the sources you are using
    - Remember to use the SHS Library Databases - for at least one source


AP computer Science Principles

  • Field Trip: come down to D266 after homeroom - be prepared for rain (coat, umbrella) as we will be walking some of the time outside (T, MIT campus, lunch) - let's plan to leave SHS by 7:50 - maybe a DD stop on the way out

  • Can you solve the hat riddle?

  • Continue/Complete: If Statements

  • Continue/Complete: While Loops and Input

Testing an embed of a 360 photo in 2 sites