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Digital Literacy II

  • Discussion: Fake News

    Types of Fake News


    Made up stories or hoaxes that are delivered under the pretext of being factual news stories.


    News sites that parody actual events and news and are for entertainment purposes only.  They often mimic reputable news sites, using exaggerated information out of context.


    News delivered with a particular point of view that may rely on propaganda and opinions rather than facts.


    These are links that use sensationalized, misleading, or exaggerated headlines and images to get individuals to visit their website.  

  • Play: Can you spot the fake news story?

  • Review: Fake or Real ? - 7 websites
    - you may work work with a partner

    Classwork Assignment: create one blog post that reviews at least 3 of these sites, stating your opinion, along with a few details to support your opinion
    (reviewing all of them is even better...)

    - GenoChoice
    - Buy an Ancestor Online
    - Dog Island
    - Mankato, Minnesota
    - The Ova Prima Foundation
    - All About Explorers
    - Save the Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

  • Complete: Photo Project (due Fri March 23)
    - if you bring in your photos this week you can use some class time to work on this

  • Complete: Get in the Game and Vote Contest (due Fri March 23)
    - Videos can be no more than 30-seconds long.
    - Maximum video size is 300 MB. 
    - Contestants may use a video camera, computer, smartphone or tablet to produce videos
    - Videos may be animated or live action. Anything that might work in a TV commercial would be considered eligible (song, straight-forward information, cartoon, dramatic portrayal, voice-over). Be creative
    - Videos must contain a link to the Massachusetts Online Voter Registration System

Web Design

* lessons 12, 13 & 14 due online by Fri Mar 30

AP computer Science Principles

Practice Questions of the Day:

What value of A would make the output of the logic circuit


(A)    true

(B)    false

(C)   The output will be false no matter what the value of A is

(D)   There is no value of A such that the output of the logic circuit will be false



In the process of digging, a landscaping company cuts a fiber line. Transmission of Internet traffic is still possible through additional pathways that provide alternate routes between the source and destination. The additional pathways describe a concept known as:

(A)   bandwidth

(B)   hierarchy

(C)   latency

(D)   redundancy


You are writing a function called swap (list, x, y) which will exchange the position of the two values at indexes x and y in the list.

Example: before and after a call to swap (list, 2, 3) on the list shown below

The function header is defined below. Choose the three lines of code that will perform the swap correctly.

Harvard Mark I Computer

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