General Info

Final Days
- Fri Jun 11 (7) (12:15)
- Mon Jun 14 (1/2)
- Tue Jun 15 (3/4)
- Wed Jun 16 (5/6)
- Thu Jun 17 makeup day

Attendance Form
- Only for when I am not able to teach online and you have a substitute- if I am online at home I can still do attendance

Office Hours
pretty much anytime as long as it is before 7pm
* email or message me *

Daily Seating Log


Bathroom Signup Log

In case of Fire Drill
- go out by cafeteria
- cross the bus loop
- go to the far right side as you are facing away from the building
- D266 meets at the end of the rows

2020 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

Tue Jun 15, 2021

Mission Statement:
Our technology classes run smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Zoom Meet: Link (AP CSP)

Google Meet: (VHS, Advanced Web Design and AP CS A)
go to
- when joining the meeting enter: 404_not_found

Daily Seating Log - fill out first thing each day when you are in class - thank you!


AP CSP (Python)

Send me the links to your cards....

Python Card Gallery