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Tuesday sep 6, 2016

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Digital Literacy I

AP computer Science Principles

Cutler-Bell Award Application Deadline November 1 - high school seniors only:

"Eligible applicants for the award will include graduating high school seniors residing and attending school in the US. Challenges for the award will focus on developing an artifact that engages modern computing technology and computer science. "

Up to four $10k scholarship prizes will be awarded. Please encourage your students to prepare their work for submission.

More info: Application Form


  • Discuss: Class Expectations and Work Rubric
  • Confirm: Cloud 9 account still exists and is shared with me
  • Set up a folder for this class and share it with me at: mkelly@sandwich.k12.ma.us
    - Name the folder *yourname_ap_csp
    - Be sure I have editing permission when you share it
  • Set up AP CSP Technology Blog
    - go to blogger.com and set up a blog for this class
    * if you would prefer to use another blogging site (wordpress, weebly, etc) that is also fine
    - send me a link to your blog
  • DIscuss: AP CSP Expectations & syllabus
  • View: Computer Science is Changing Everything
  • Class Activity: "What computing innovation has had the most impact on your life?
    - discuss in small groups
    - homework: ask the same questions of someone much older than you (parent, grandparent, etc)
    - tomorrow: writing assignment in class using the two innovations to compare and contrast
  • Begin: Python Introduction
    - create a python folder in cloud9
    - work through
    notebooks for: hello world and variables, strings & numbers
    - create as many practice files as you like - then complete the following lab assignments for assessment
  • Complete (in your cloud9 python folder):
    py_lab_1: Variable
    - py_lab_2: Strings