Office Hours This Week

Wednesday & Thursday

Boris the Turkey

Upcoming Events

Wed Nov 21
- 1/2 day early release

Thu Nov 22
Fri Nov 23

- no school

Fri Dec 7
- AP CSP Field Trip to Harvard's CS50 Fair

Fri May 10
- AP CSP Exam 12pm

In case of Fire Drill
- go out by cafeteria
- cross the bus loop
- D266 meets at the far right side

Fri Nov 16, 2018

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect


a computer is…

a device that accepts input, stores data, and processes it in some way to produce an output

Web Design

  • Travel Project (due Wed Nov 28)
    - use lesson 10 as a template to get started
  • Biography Project (due Wed Dec 19)
    - use lesson 11 as a template to get started
  • Final Website Project (due Fri Jan 11)

Helpful Color Sites:



  • Present: Group Research Projects
    - presentation rubric
  • Introduce: Hex Number Systems
  • Continue: CodeHS
    * when you get to the lessons in unit 3 that involve functions ask a teacher to review it with you
    - this is a section where many students are unfamiliar with how to set up the functions

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