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Digital Literacy II

Web Design

  • Color Theme Generator: coolors.co
    - this site is great at helping you to choose color themes for your web projects

  • Continue: Part II - website implementation - due online and working correctly by Tue June 15th
    - remember to spend the most time getting the main page designed
    - use one stylesheet for your site; if you want to create special styles I can help you with that

    Honors Option
    - complete each of these lessons - upload to x10 and add to your main list of lessons
    - include some of these design tools in your final project

  • Lesson 15 - multiple columns
  • Lesson 16 - revolving photo gallery
  • Lesson 17- curved borders, 3D text
  • Lesson 18 - creating and adding a favicon to your website
  • Lesson 19 - drop-down menu
  • Lesson 20 - adding a data table

AP computer Science Principles


Harvard Mark I Computer

AP CSP 2017-2018

AP CSP 2016-2017