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First Lunch: all classes
- in library


Bathroom Signup Log

In case of Fire Drill
- go out by cafeteria
- cross the bus loop
- go to the far right side as you are facing away from the building
- D266 meets at the end of the rows

Tuesday Nov 24, 2020

Mission Statement:
Our technology classes run smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respec

Zoom Meet: Link (AP CSP)

Google Meet: (Web Design and AP CS A)
go to
- when joining the meeting enter: 404_not_found

Daily Seating Log - fill out first thing each day when you are in class - thank you!

AP CS A (Java)

  • Classwork: GameSpinner FRQ
    - you can find this in College Board classroom
    - today we will code this in groups
  • Classwork/Homework: CodeHS Unit 3 - Boolean Expressions and If Statements
    - 3.5 Compound boolean expressions
    - 3.6 Equivalent boolean expressions

AP CSP (Python)

  • Classwork/Homework: Intro to Python Functions (section: introducing functions)
    - do these today in class or finish for homework
    1. Greeter
    2. Full Names
    3. Addition Calculator
    4. Return Calculator

  • Classswork/Homework: CodeHS Unit 5 Functions and Parameters - before Mon Nov 30
    - 5.1 functions and parameters 1
    - 5.2 functions and parameters 2

Web Design
* I am not in today but you can see the lessons here
** Your home page should show lessons 1 & 2 are completed
*** If they are not then finish them up over the break (ask for help if you need it)
*** Otherwise, have a great Thanskgiving Break and we will pick up again when we return

  • Classwork: Home Page 5 (special characters & comments)
  • Classwork: Home Page 4 (importing Google Fonts)
  • Classwork: Home Page 3 (footer div)

  • Classwork: Home Page 2 (logo and content div, finding color codes) - should be done by now

  • Classwork/Homework: CodeHS
    - 5.1 Getting Started Advance HTML and CSS
    - 5.2 Multi-File Websites

    - 5.3 Embedding iframes

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