Project 4 - Photo Gallery Part II

Adding rounded corners, image filters

Go ahead and make a copy (fork) of your gallery website

Update your Portfolio Page so it links to this project & include a link back to the Portfolio

Rounded Corners

You can add the border-radius property to create rounded edges to an element

for example:

               border-radius: 10px;

Add the following to your new gallery page:
- rounded edges to the container
- rounded edges to the individual images in the flex box
- add a border and rounded edges to the flex box

Image Filters

Add the CSS for each filter you would like to create by creating classes

Underneath the flex-box area (after the br tag)

Add a table where you will demonstrate a variety of image filters
- choose at least 6 different ones to try out

After you have defined 6 different filter classes go ahead and apply them

Filter Documentation