Assignments AP CS A

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Question of the Day Practice

Week 4: Sep 20 - Sep 24
Week 3: Sep 13 - Sep 17

- parenthesis
- exponents
- modulo, multiplication, division
(as they appear left to right)
- addition, subtraction
(as they appear left to right)

  • General: CodeHS QOD
    we will start doing this first thing each day
  • Classwork: CB Progress check A & B
    - write up the reflections on these in a google doc
    - go ahead and make a folder to share with me where these will live
  • Classwork: Code Practice - coffee cup order
    - ask the user for the following in this order:
    1. number of coffee cups needed
    2. customer name for the order
    3. price per cup
    4. day of the week for the delivery
    5. print out the order details

    you can just show me your code or send me a link

    Potential Output Example

  • Classwork: coding - unit_1_avg
    1. Declare 3 int variables called grade1, grade2, grade3
    - you can choose the values to initialize them to
    2. Declare an int variable called sum for the sum of the grades
    3. Declare a double variable called average for the average of the grades
    4. Write a formula to calculate the sum of the 3 grades (add them up)
    5. Write a formula to calculate the average of the 3 grades from the sum using division and type casting
    6. Print out the 3 grades, the sum , and the average
    - you can just show me the code or send me the join link
  • Classwork: CB Practice 9_13
    - we will do this in class on Monday
  • Classwork: CodeHS
    - 1.6 Input
    - 1.7 Casting and Ranges of Values
    - Unit 1 Quiz
    (found lower down in the Unit Quiz section)
Week 2: Sep 7 - Sep 10

find the errors (there are at least 6 - more like 7)
- code it in to test your answer

In Java // is used to mark the beginning of a comment.
For multi-line comments, use /* to start the comment and */ to end the comment.

    • Classwork: CodeHS
      * reminder - make sure nothing is yellow - even videos (go back and make sure they finish and you click continue)
      ** I use the % complete as a grade for now until we start working on our own labs....
      - 1.4 Expressions and Assignments
      - 1 .5 Compound Assignment Operators - get through 1.5 by Sun Sep 12
      * completely fine to be further ahead...

Week 1: Sep 1 - Sep 2