Assignments - AP Computer Science A

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Week 10: Nov 23 - Nov 25

Week 9: Nov 16 - Nov 20

Week 8: Nov 9 - 13

Week 7: Nov 2 - Nov 6


Week 6: Oct 26 - Oct 30


Week 5: Oct 19 - Oct 23


Week 4: Oct 13 - Oct 16

Week 3: Oct 5 - Oct 9

Week 2: Sep 28 - Oct 2


Week 1: Sep 21 - Sep 25

Week 0: Sep 15 - Sep 18

- algorithm: a plan for solving a problem
- object: an item created by our program - it contains information about what data is holds (attributes) and what it can do (methods) - (example: car 1 and car 2 are objects built from a car template but they have different colors and can run at different speeds)
OOP - object oriented programming - focuses on building reusable blocks of code called classes. When you want to use a class in one of your programs, you make an object from that class, which is where the phrase "object-oriented" comes from
instantiation: the creation of an individual object
- attribute: the facts that each object may hold (example: car engine, color, speed, make, model, price)
- method: code that dictates certain actions the object can perform (also called functions, procedures in other languages)
- pre-condition: for a method is something that is assumed to be true before the method is invoked
- post-condition: for a method is something that is assumed to be true after the method was executed
- semantic error - the code as written does not perform as planned when it runs; an error in logic
- syntax: the rules for writing a language