AP Computer Science Principles


week 4: Sep 25 - Sep 29

  • Continue with 3_D printing
  • Begin: Explore Task (Practice Version)
  • Complete: numbers.c (in class - will demo first)
  • Review: Explore Examples (Samples C & D)


week 3: Sep 18 - Sep 22

  • Office Hours: Tue & Thu this week
    - bring your questions, make up work, or just general confusion and we will accomplish wonders

  • If you should find yourself caught up - start thinking about the Explore Task
    - we will be completing a practice task soon so find a topic that works but that you won't use for the real assignment - I can give you topics to choose from if that helps
    - review the directions in the AP CSP Student Task Guidelines

  • Field Trip: Friday Sep 22
  • Choose an item to 3_D print

  • Join CS50.me (you will need a git hub account too)

  • View: David's Lecture (hello world, string.c)
  • View: David's Lecture (binary)
  • View: David's Lecture (ASCII)

  • Complete: Binary worksheet (in class)
  • Play: Binary Game (Cisco version)
  • Play: Binary Game
  • Complete: Binary_Decimal Practice (in class)

  • Complete: CS50 - "Hello World"
  • Complete: string.c (from the video)
    - you don't need to upload this to github as it is just practice but you should always run style50


week 2: Sep 11 - Sep 15

week 1: Sep 5 - 8

  • Homework: 3 Things
  • Homework: Blog Post - Tech Spotlight - due Mon Sep 11
    In no more than 600 words, expound on a piece of technology with which you are familiar and that you might use everyday. It needn't be a piece of hardware; software, websites, and the like are perfectly fine too. Explore it in depth. Assume for the purposes of this assignment that your audience is someone who has no prior knowledge about the technology. 
    Consider these questions:
    What is this technology called?
    What does it do?
    How does someone use this technology?
    How is its quality of performance commonly measured? (e.g. in megabytes (MB), gigahertz (GHz), etc.)
    How does the recent news about the technology change the product or service?
    What older form of technology does it replace, if any?
    How has this technology impacted your life, for better or worse? How has this technology impacted society at large, for better or worse?

  • Discuss: Class Expectations & Course Overview
  • Review: Work Rubric
  • Review: Academic Honesty Policy
    - Be sure I have editing permission when you share it
  • Review: Email Etiquette
  • View: Computer Science is Changing Everything
  • Review: Computer Hardware
  • Discussion: What defines a computer? Break into groups for this
  • View: Landfill Harmonic
    -  think about how computing has global impacts and really does change the world in significant ways

  • Reference Sheet: Computers and Computing
  • Reference Sheet: Bits and Bytes