Digital Literacy II - Assignments


week 12: Apr 22 - Apr 26


week 11: Spring Break


week 10: apr 8 - apr 12

week 9: Apr 1 - Apr 5


week 8: Mar 25 - Mar 29


week 7: Mar 18 - Mary 22

week 6: Mar 11 - Mar 15

week 5: Mar 4 - Mar 8

Types of Survey Questions with Poor Design

Ambiguous Can have more than one interpretation

  How many times did you repair a car last year?

Double Barreled or Double Direct:    

Asks a question that addresses two different points, but allows only one answer
   Does your home make you feel safe and warm?

Double Negative:  

Uses two negative words in the question - which can turn the question into a positive one
     Does it seem possible or does it seem impossible to you that global warming is happening?


Prompts the respondent to answer in a particular way

   Is it terrible for children under age 10 to have cell phones?

Exhaustive Does not give all the possible choices


Answers options that do not overlap


week 4: Feb 25 - Mar 1


week 3: Feb 11 - Feb 14

week 2: Feb 4 - 8

Week 2 Vocabulary

    • hue - everyday photographers generally think of hue as referring simply to a specific colour
    • lightness - (or ‘value’ or ‘tone’) relates to the amplitude of the colour – or its proximity to the white or black end of the tonal scale. A colour with low value is close to black, while one with high value is close to white
    • saturation - or ‘chroma’ - defines the intensity of a hue
    • rgb color model - a mixture of pure red, green, and blue lights of various strengths. Each of the red, green and blue light levels is encoded as a number in the range 0..255, with 0 meaning zero light and 255 meaning maximum light.

Week 1: Jan 28 - Feb 1