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Our technology class runs smoothly
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Web I

The semicolon was introduced as a statement terminator in the ALGOL 60¹ programming language, which first appeared in 1960. Since then the semicolon has caused programmers headaches and countless working hours, trying to fix bugs caused by missing semicolons or semicolons in places, where they should not be.

Not all programming languages use semicolons as statement terminators, but many do. So a lot of programmers will agree that the semicolon is a true hide and seek champion.

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    - leave a short piece of commentary for each that includes at least one compliment and one constructive comment - be sure your post is thougtful, professional and grammatically correct

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Adv CS_Programming

That is the question....

If androids someday DO dream of electric sheep, don't forget to declare sheepCount as a long int

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AP computer Science Principles