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Wed Sep 19
- Half Day Early Release

Thu Sep 20
- Senior Meetings

Fri Sep 28
- Senior Picnic

Tue Oct 2
- AP CSP Field Trip

Fri Oct 5
- Half Day Early Release

Sat Oct 13
- Homecoming Dance

Fri May 10
- AP CSP Exam 12pm

In case of Fire Drill
- go out by cafeteria
- cross the bus loop
- D266 meets at the end on the far right

Wednesday SEp 19, 2018

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect


a computer is…

a device that accepts input, stores data, and processes it in some way to produce an output

  • Read: Titanic, Final Messages
  • Complete practice (getting integer, string input and printing both in one line)
    we will do this together in class
  • Complete: int_math.c (integer math calculator)
    we will do this in class .
  • Group Topics: create a short presentation
    - we will assign groups and topics in class
  • Review: Explore Task Rubric

Web Design

  • Set up: X10 account - due by Wed/Thu of this week
    use a personal email rather than your SHS one
    - once it is set up send me the URL of your site

  • View: Digital Compression Explained
  • Complete: Pixlr Practice Assignments
    - Lesson 3 - magic wand, layers, color selection
    - Lesson 4 - clone stamp tool
    - Lesson 5 - combining photos
    - Lesson 6 - adding text

  • Logo Design: at least three logos for your practice website
    - for now make them each 800px wide by 150px high 
    - you will need these later for our html lessons
    - create a folder called images inside of your web folder on the desktop & put the logo images in there

  • Complete: html_lesson_3 - images

  • Create & Upload: index page
    - we will do this together in class


  • Complete: Quiz 1
  • Continue: Course F

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