Advanced Computer Science


CS50 Study Guide

Unit 1


What is a Computer?

Binary and ASCII


Data types



Boolean expressions/conditionals

    • Resources:
    • Complete: Practice Lesson: Numbers Demo
    • Complete: Problem 1-5: Greedy
      you will need to include math.h and use a round function after converting to pennies
      - run style50 on this one
      - it is ok with me if you list the coins by type at the end rather than giving one total
    • Complete: Problem 1-6: Pennies
      - you will need to pay attention to using a long long for this problem
      - no need to pass check50 on this as there is a disagreement over the correct answer
      - do pay attention to style50 though
    • Complete: Practice Lesson: Evens
    • Complete: Problem 1-7: ISBN