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A little bit about me.... after high school I joined the U.S. Navy, which is where I started working with data processing and computer programming. After my five years were up I went back to college for computer science, english and education.

Several years were spent working as a computer programmer, which was a lot of fun. I have also traveled a good bit and have lived in Germany, Virginia, Illinois, Georgia and Texas, although Massachusetts is my original home. I have three children who all went to school here.

This is my 15th year here at Sandwich High School. Classes taught include Computer Science & Digital Literacy, Web Design, AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles and Intro Computer Programming.

Ms. Kelly

Class - Mission Statement

Our technology classes run smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect


Sandwich High School - Mission Statement

The mission of Sandwich High School is to provide a safe and supportive student-focused environment, which challenges all students to strive toward their individual potential by offering a sound, diverse educational Program with a variety of co-curricular learning opportunities. Sandwich High School fosters and values effort, integrity, and self-discipline to prepare Students for lifelong learning in a changing global society.


Sandwich High School - Statement of Core Values and Beliefs

We Believe

Academic Expectations for Learning

Social Expectations for Learning

Civic Expectations for Learning

Attendance Policy:

Daily Assignments/Projects:

Academic Expectations for Learning

  1. Each student will demonstrate competency in a variety of writing samples, including but not limited to journal;/reflection, research paper, article summarization, etc.
  2. Students will follow MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines as required
  3. Students will speak clearly and effectively in a variety of contexts including class discussions and oral presentations
  4. Students will demonstrate knowledge through group discussion, student evaluations, various presentations methods, tests and quizzes

Applying reasoning and problem-solving in all disciplines

  1. Students will demonstrate subject knowledge in daily activities/assignments that include decision making, and problem solving skills

Express ideas creatively across the curriculum

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge by creating and designing a various publications and multi-media presentations

Use information, media, and technology effectively and responsibly

  1. Students will access, evaluate, and apply information from a variety of media and technological resources.
  2. Students will use the Internet as well as online databases to research and collect information
  3. Students will follow guidelines outlined in the Sandwich Public Schools Acceptable use Policy

Develop physical and artistic skills

  1. Students will demonstrate good ergonomics
  2. Students will learn to use various drawing and multimedia programs

Social Expectations for Learning

Assume responsibility for their own decisions and behavior

Demonstrate a willingness to resolve conflicts responsibly contribute to the welfare of others

Learn to collaborate effectively

  1. Students will demonstrate proper conduct and behavior in the school community
  2. Students will respect all people and property in the classroom
  3. Students will be attentive, exhibit positive attitudes, and be cooperative
  4. Students will collaborate by helping each other, working groups, and via online communication
  5. Students are expected to put forth their best effort everyday

Civic Expectations for learning

Foster respectful and productive relationships in and beyond the community Exercise their rights and Responsibilities in a democratic society

  1. Students will be expected to facilitate constructive dialogue with peers, faculty, and community members
  2. Students will demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to diversity and its effects

Technology Policy:

  1. Students are allowed to bring outside electronic devices to school
  2. Students are expected to bring school issued devices
  3. Headphones are now required
  4. Students should come prepared (with these materials) to each class

Grading Policy

  1. Students work will be graded by using a point system with each assignment given a number value with the total points possible being divided by the total received by the student. Additionally work ethic and attitude will be taken into consideration.   
  2. Marking periods 1 & 2 total 90% of the final grade
  3. Final Exam will account for 10% of total points for the entire semester.

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Students are accountable for being prompt, staying attentive and being prepared.
  2. Be mindful of your bathroom and hall privileges.
  3. Students are responsible for obtaining instruction, assignments, and information that may be missed due to an absence.

What students should expect from the teacher:

  1. The teacher will show up prepared for that day of school and will have a prepared lesson.
  2. Students should expect the teacher to have a good attitude.
  3. Students should expect the teacher to treat them with respect.
  4. Students should expect timely feedback on work that is turned it,