Photoshop Lesson 5

Adding Text to Images

Create a folder for Lesson 5

Open Photoshop

Part 1 - horizontal text on color

Create a new file - this time change the preset image size from clipboard (which we have been using) to web (which gives you a good size image for use on a web page)
* what is the difference? A web page does not need the same number of pixels to display a decent looking image - so the file size can be smaller (which loads quicker) and still look good. For an image to be printed you would go for a larger dimension size in pixels.

Fill it with a solid blue color (set the foreground color to a solid color - look for the paint can - if you can' t find it try holding down your mouse over the gradient to switch)

Then apply a filter - I used a Texture with Texturizer - Sandstone

Now we will add some text.

As a note - if you turn on the layers window - you will see that the text is on a layer alone - this makes it easy to add/remove text to a picture - you can always delete a layer if you don't like it. You also come back and fix it if you need to change the text at all.

Now look to the left on your toolbard - the text tool is a large letter T
Click with your mouse on the small arrow

We will use the first two types - the difference between them is the first creates horizontal text (across your screen), while the other creates text up and down your screen (vertical) - we are going to use the horizontal first so click on it

You will now see a text toolbar across the top of your screen - let's go through what these are and make some changes...

Change the font style
Leave the next setting at regular
Change the font size to 48 or larger
L eave the next category at sharp (this last category changes the outline style for the letters)
Change the text color to something that will contrast well

Now click on your blank canvas

Look to the right - you will see a text panel with your settings, and you can also use it to make changes

Start typing some words

- You can select the text (from right to left) and change any of the settings (color, font, size, etc)
- you can move the text around - just move your mouse over the text until you see the moving arrows then click and drag - look at the image below and you will see a small cross on the lower right - if I click and that and drag the letters can be placed anywhere on the canvas - just use the apply (checkmark) to let photoshop know you are done


When you are done look for the check mark up in the top (apply)- and click it

Below is one of my practice 1 images:



Part 2 - Warped Text

Copy the above image
Add some text and make changes to the font, color, and size
Now choose a warp style to apply - the icon will look like this:

When you are done save this for Web & Devices (to make it a jpg) and put in in your lesson 5 folder as Practice 2


Part 3 - vertical text on an image

Copy this image into Photoshop

Use the Text Tool again but this time use the second choice down - Vertical

Add text going down the side of the image. Try a different color, size and font to see how it looks.
When you are done save this for Web & Devices (to make it a jpg) and put in in your lesson 5 folder as Practice 3



Assignment for Lesson 5

  • Create the 3 practice images and save them.
  • Create 3 more text examples using your own images:
    • Warped
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
  • There should be six (6) photos in the lesson 5 folder when you are done