Pixlr Lesson 4 - cloning Stamp Tool

The cloning tool will allow to you copy a part of an image into another section of the same image - it is great for touching up the edges if you are combining sections of images, or just want to duplicate something in the image itself

Look on the toolbar for the cloning stamp tool - it looks like a rubber stamp.

Once you have selected it there are several options to choose for size, shape, opacity, etc.

Click the area you want to copy, and then move your mouse to the area you want to copy into:
- on a mac (alt+command), on a PC it should be ctrl+click, not sure about a chromebook just yet - we will find out!

In this image I added an extra tulip leaf on the table and another stem in the vase

And in this set I replaced the chair with flowers and background trees and grass

Assignment for Pixlr Lesson 4