Photoshop Lesson 1

Getting Started

When working with photoshop we cannot save directly to your Google Drive. So, for this class we will save the photos to your desktop computer and at the end of each lesson copy the folder to your Google Drive (be sure you are inside of the Dig Lit folder when you do this)

  • Create a folder on the desktop and call it photos

  • Within this folder you will create one for each lesson - start by creating a folder for Lesson 1.

Open Adobe Photoshop

Select the Window tab across the top
This is where you can turn specific windows on or off

We are going to start out by choosing Workspace - Legacy

Your screen should look something like this:

Copying an Image

Copy the following photo

In Photoshop choose File - New (notice it will automatically make the image size match that of what is in the clipboard unless you change it)
Now choose Edit - Paste

So far you have simply copied an image file into photoshop. This image could be from online or from your own files.
To see how big an image really is just go to the Image tab and look for Image Size - it will give you the dimensions in pixels

To save this image as a photo:

Go to the File tab - and look for the Save for Web & Devices option.
NOTE: there are 3 types of options here - Save, Save As, and Save for Web & Devices
For now, we will only be using the Save for Web & Devices option - this creates an image type that can be used online and in other programs

So, save it with a name of flower_original and be sure to choose from the dropdown menu an extension type of JPEG. You can put it in the folder you are going to use for photoshop lesson 1 work. Do you need to use file names that make sense? Absolutely.

Applying Filters

These are special effects that you can apply to any image - we will go ahead and try a few of them out.

Go to the Filter Tab - choose Filter Gallery - and try the different styles
Notice that it gives you a preview of the filter without really changing the image - you also have several settings within each filter to adjust - try them out
If you like the effect click Ok - if not click Cancel

Take a few moments to try these out - the best way to learn what the filters do is to use them

When you settle on a look that you like complete the Save for Web & Devices steps again, and be sure to change the name so it says something like flower_filtered or some change in the name so you know this is the filtered version

Assignment for Photo Lesson 1

  • Save the flower_original.jpg and the flower_filter.jpg images from the practice above

    Now use three additional photos (try to use your own images as much possible - you can upload them to your google drive from your phone/ipad and then dowload them to your desktop for use in Photoshop - you can also use images from online for practice ifyou don't have enough of your own photos)

  • Save each image as an original and be sure to use a name that makes sense, for example: cat_original

  • Then open each one, make filter changes, and save with a new name, for example: cat_filter
  • Use different filters for each of the images
  • When you are done there will be 4 original images and 4 with style filters applied (total of 8 images in Lesson 1)
  • Upload the folder to your Google Drive
  • You do not need to email me any images or share the folder with me as I can see everything in your Dig Lit folder already