Photoshop Lesson 6

Creating Stylized Text

Create a new canvas - you can use the Web setting for this size
Leave the background color white (you will delete this layer later anyway)

Click on the Text Tool

Choose a large font size and a style that has enough width so that you will be able to see your metal effect - I used Lucida Sans Unicode at a size of 125 pt
Change the text color to a dark gray

Write the word Metal and commit to the changes

You should now see a white background layer, with a new layer holding the text

Right click on the layer that contains text
Choose Blending Options
You will see a dialog box with several options - try them out
*note: if you double click on a single option you will get a more detailed options box

Delete the white background layer: either drag it to the trash can or delete it
- you are left with the gray & white boxes which indicate transparency - think of this as clear glass

Important: If you want to save an image and keep the transparency you must save as a .gif type of file

- you probably would not often do this but you may need to keep a .gif copy around to use later so sometimes we do save these

However, you can also just drag this layer into another image - either select and copy the text from the image, or (even easier) just you your moving tool to pull it over into the other picture


You can also add text directly as a new layer to an image and make the same changes.

Assignment for lesson 6

Create 2 new images

1. A picture with words that look metallic in some way

2. A picture with words that have a very different look applied to them (you choose - as long as it is not the same effects you used with the first picture)