Pixlr Lesson 3 - Magic Wand Tool, Layers

The magic wand allows you to select pixels that are close in color. It works best when you have a solid color area that needs to be selected, but you can also use it to select out part of an image - in this case it works from within the selected area.

Here is an image I took of a cup of coffee.

Using the Magic Wand tool I selected out just the coffee portion
Depending on what type of computer you are using: Shift+ or Ctrl+
(Check the tolerance level if you are not gaining enough, or are picking up too many nearby pixels)

Then I used Edit - Copy to copy that selected area

When you choose Edit - Paste it will create a new layer for you

* Notice that you might need to move the object on the new layer to line up correctly over the lower layer

Go to the bottom layer and try applying a filter or making an Image - Adjustment

In the end your photo should have the orginal selected area remain the same while the rest of the image changes

Here is my final version:


Assignment for Pixlr Lesson Three