Photoshop Lesson 2

Cropping and resizing

Part 1. Cropping an image

Open Photoshop

copy this photo and create a new image in Photoshop
- this is a pumpkin my daughter carved - she is very artisitic - I am not but I do like photography

Use the cropping tool

Select around the carved pumpkin

Notice that this sets up a free transform selection - you can rotate or resize the area to be cropped

When you have a selection you like go ahead and hit enter.
Easy, eh?
Here is the cropped image:

Go ahead and create one straight crop from the main image

Then create another that is rotated

- use the original image - and select an area to crop - before you hit enter move your mouse to just outside the edge of the selection and look for the arched-arrows - then click and drag to move the selection - when you are ready hit enter and you will see how the image is now rotated before cropping

These are just for practice - you don't need to save them

Part 2. Resizing an Image

Copy this photo of the Eiffel Tower (also take by me - with an iPhone 4S) and then paste it into Photoshop

It is 600 pixels wide and 800 pixels high - probably does not need to be that big so let's make a smaller version

Note: when working with web pages you want your images to load quickly - this means making them the correct size and not loading a giant file into a small space

To resize look for the Image tab across the top - and choose Image Size

Then type in the size that you would like to use

To keep the photo in proportion leave the Constrain Proportions box checked - this wiil automatically adjust the height and width once you change one of the sizes - otherwise your image might start to look a bit skewed and out of focus

If you uncheck it you can control both the height and the width yourself - and there may be times you want to do this - just be sure to understand what the difference is.

Test out the resizing option - these are practice so you don't have to save them.


Assignment for Photoshop Lesson 2

Create a folder for Lesson 2
* when saving images always give them names that make sense
  • Cropping
    • One original image - (use something different than the pumpkin)
    • Two different cropped images from it (one straight, one rotated)

  • Resizing
    • One original image - (use something different than the eiffel tower)
    • One resized image that keeps the proportions accurate

  • Completed Assignment will have five (5) images in the folder