Photopea Lesson 1

Getting Started

Photopea is a web-base image editor that works very much like photoshop. The good thing is you can use these from anywhere, rather than only in a lab computer. These lessons are to help you become familiar with using the tools.

Right click and save this photo into your downloads folder on the Chromebook or on the lab computer's desktop.
Important - be sure you notice where your files are being saved !

Go to Photopea - File - Open and choose the flowers image

You should now have a screen like this:

When naming files stay with programming conventions and use lowercase and no spaces (use underscore or dashes instead )

Use the selection tool to copy the area of the photo you want to keep
(in this case the whole photo)

Use File - New to create a blank canvas
Edit - Paste the copied image into the canvas
Name - double click the file name in the window tab to rename it
Filter - apply a filter to the image
Export - Export the image as a .jpg or .png file

Assignment for Pixlr lesson One