Photopea Lesson 2

using Selection, layers, Creating a transparent png

Create a new image, give it a new, resize it to 800 x 400, and choose a transparent background

You will end up with a blank canvas that looks like the image below - the gray and white squares represent transparency - like clear glass

Use the pickachu image below to pratice with.
Go ahead and download it by right-clicking on the image and saving it.
Then, in Photopea, go ahead and open the image.

You should now have 2 images open in Photopea - one transparent, and one pikachu

Next step - use the selection tool and draw around the pikachu image.
The selection bar is the 2nd tool down on the left
When you draw you will see dots that show the area you are selecting

Now you will copy the area you selected and add it to the transparent image
On the pikachu image - Choose Edit - Copy
Go to the transparent image - Choose Edit - Paste
Put your cursor over the Move Tool (top of the second row)
Choose Edit - Free Transform
You now move, resize, and rotate the image - hit enter when you are ready

Now you can remove the white area of the picture
Use the Magic Wand tool - click on the colors to take out (in this case: white)
Once the color is removed you can save the image as a PNG or GIF file & use it in an animation project
- this will be useful when we are working on animations in the future

Now add the finished image to another picture
Copy this photo and save it - then upload to Photopea

Now select around your new pikachu and copy/paste into the forest image

Use the Edit - Free Transform Tool to rotatate, move and resize the image layer
- then export as a JPG file


Assignment for Photo Lesson 2