Directions for setting up an X10 account

You wll be setting up an X10 hosting account so that you can have a website that is online.

** Note: sometimes as you are setting up a new account X10 gets a little glitchy - it might pause your signup and say you need to confirm email, or that your email already has an account. These are untruths. If this happens close out of the screens, check your email, and then open X10 again and see if it will allow you to log in.

The first thing you need to do is come up with a name for your website. It will end up being a part of the overal URL (similar to Blogger sites) - so use lower case characters a through z

Really, Really Important:

Be sure to make a note of the website name, and login info you use such as email, password and user names

* at this time X10 does not always play well with SHS firewall procedures so it is best to set this up with your own gmail account - plus, the site really belongs to you anyway and you might want to keep it even when you are no longer at SHS

Go to

Below are some screenshots to help you with the process - basically you are setting up a web hosting account.


On the left side window enter the name you would like to your website name
* no spaces, special characters, or capital letters - keep it simple

You will need to check your email to confirm the account setup - and then return to X10


To add your first website use the green Add Website button

Leave the settings as a Custome Website because you will be adding the files yourself
Add a title but you don't need to make any other changes - see below

Once your site is created you should be able to go back to X10 and log in

Then you will see your domain name listed - if you click on it a blank page (For now) will open

Send me the name of your domain...